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Getting There and Getting About

Getting There

Agios Georgios North is about 30 KM from Corfu Airport and the usual transport for independant travellers is a taxi from the airport.

This is no problem and it is easier and cheaper to let Yiannis arrange this for you using a local taxi driver.

To arrange for a taxi just telephone Yiannis about a week before you travel and give him your Arrival time, Flight Number and Departure airport.

The taxi driver will be waiting for you at the Arrivals gate at the airport and convey you to the accommodation, probably to your actual apartment. The journey usually takes about 45 mins and the cost in 2015 is about 55 euros.

Some visitors may wish to arrange their own travel from the airport but beware as there are reports of gross overcharging when picked up casually at the airport. Taxis should preferably be pre-booked via Yiannis or a Corfu based company. There are some large international web-based taxi booking agencies but their rates can be almost double what you need to pay !
Driving by Car
Some visitors might wish to hire a car for the whole holiday and drive to Yiannis Apartments themselves. Several reliable firms can be recommended using modern well-maintained cars at competitive prices ( see more information on web-site "about Agios Georgios".

The car will be waiting for you at the airport. The recommended route for newcomers to Corfu is to avoid the very centre of the town and drive around it next to the sea. The route can be viewed on Google Maps using this link. Route directions will be sent by email if requested.

Local Car or scooter Hire
Car Hire is available locally from several reliable firms using modern well-maintained cars at competitive prices ( see more information on web-site "about Agios Georgios". Also several local companies hire out motor-bikes, scooters, and quad-bikes, whilst pedal bikes are also available for those fit visitors not perterbed by the surrounding hilly roads.
Local Buses
The Corfu "green bus" service is very limited but there is a daily bus to Corfu town which passes quite close to Yianni's. The most suitable can be waved down at about 10.25 a.m. at the nearby road junction. It returns at 4.30 p.m from Corfu bus station. This bus is also useful for an easy uphill journey into the nearby old hill village of Pagi (walk back downhill after refreshments in a village cafe/bar).(however be sure to check locally that the bus is running as in early summer of 2018 road problems en route caused the bus route to be changed so it didn't go this way)