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Booking is simple and may be done by telephone (if confirmed by writing), by email or by fax, or online Form.

Co-ordination of Flights and accommodation bookings

Yiannis tries to make the reservation process as easy as possible. We know that people considering booking their holidays independantly of Tour Operators and Accommodation Agents are often worried about co-ordinating their holiday arrangements, in particular their flights and transfers from the airport. It is suggested you follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Make initial enquiries about flights for the dates you are interested including estimated arrival and departure times with alternatives if possible.
  2. Check on availability of accommodation by telephoning or faxing Yiannis and possibly ask for alternative available dates. Remember to adjust your date requirements for night or early morning arrivals / departures. (for example if you arrive at 5.a.m. you will need to book from the previous day)
    If you are reasonably certain of your intentions and flights ask Yiannis to hold the accommodation for about 4 days and give him your contact details i.e. telephone or fax. It is essential that any time limits are adhered to, or promises to confirm are kept.
  3. Now book your flights.
  4. Confirm accommodation booking by telephoning or faxing Yiannis and give him your flight details.
    If no fax facilities are available to you complete the Details Form here.
  5. If you require a taxi telephone Yiannis about a week before you travel and he will arrange for a local taxi to meet you at the airport.

Yiannis can be contacted by telephone or fax or letter. See "Contact" page.

In cases of difficulty in contacting the owner or you require clarification regarding the booking process please email his UK contact using the link below. Note: Please do not ask availability questions as only Yiannis has that information.


(or telephone 02476 402415)


Do you need a "short notice chill-out" or just fancy a quick break taking advantage of last-minute flight price reductions ?

Naturally it is best to book as early in the season as possible to be sure of getting the weeks you desire.

However, IF accommodation is available, last minute bookings are usually easy to arrange at a couple of days notice by following the steps mentioned above.

You can be on your way to glorious Corfu or even on the glorious Agios Georgios beach within 2 or 3 days !

These pages are merely a private advertisement for the accommodation owner for direct booking purposes. The web-site owner is NOT an agent for the owner.

Any persons requiring accommodation must arrange their own flights, and also book the accommodation WITH THE OWNER. You will have contracts direct with the respective airline companies and accommodation owner.

The photographs and other details in these web-pages are for information purposes only and do not form part of any contracts arranged as mentioned above. Prospective visitors should satisfy themselves from the accommodation owner regarding all essential information.

P.S. If anyone wants more general information about the area or accommodation you may email the webmaster who will do his best to assist, although he lives in UK and is not connected with the accommodation apart from being a regular guest.