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AFIONAS and Tavernas

View from Dionysos Taverna/Restaurant

Rather different walk using only the beach and surfaced roads to this lovely old village with its superb views of Agios Georgios and the north-west coastal islands.
Time needed : 30 mins to 1 hour (depends on which end of Agios Georgios you start).

Note: These walk directions start from the southern end of Agios Georgios but if you are staying further along the beach (for example at or near Costas Golden Beach Hotel or the Belle Helene) you will just commence the walk where you are along the beach.

Map of Walk 7 at Agios Georgios

Starting from the Alkyon Beach Hotel at the southern end of Agios Georgios walk northwards along the beach (or the road). In the middle of the resort go past Costas Golden Beach Hotel and the Belle Helene Hotel where you go left before passing in front of Maria's Snack Shack. Go over the small bridge and turn towards the beach to pass in front of several resturants which include Diktia's and the Delfini (so avoiding a hilly and unnecessary detour)

Continue to the far end of the beach. At the end of the beach, just past the Golden Moon Restaurant, turn right up the surfaced road .

Climb steadily up the fairly steep hill for about 1 mile to the outskirts of Afionas. At the top of the hill turn left at the road junction and continue along this road to the village centre, taking time to look at the views to the north (on your right).

After browsing around the little square take a narrow road alongside a gift shop (look for sign to Dionysos Restaurant). Walk past some gardens (noting small footpath on left which leads down to the twin coves of Porto Timoni) and Dionysos Restaurant is straight ahead, by which time you will appreciate that drink ! Behind this there is also another nice cafe, Porto Timoni Cafe, which also has excellent views and serves lovely food.

You will want to stay awhile here just marvelling at the superb views down across the turquoise water of Agios Georgios bay.

Porto Timoni Cafe

On leaving the restaurant turn left and then in about 50 metres turn left and make your way onto the open hill, where there are some benches to take in this different stunning northern view towards Arillas and numerous offshore islands. (This is an ideal place for viewing the sunset, but that is best done when coming by car in view of the walk back down the poorly lit road).

Now walk towards the village (not the way you came) passing in front of a new taverna. In 50 metres turn RIGHT along a paved pathway past lovely gardens and cottages before finishing back in the square.


Return to Agios Georgios the way you came. Leave the village by the tarmac road and after going round the double corner take care to turn right at the road junction in about half km. Take this road down to Agios Georgios beach and then walk back along the beach etc to your base.

NOTE: There is now a shorter direct path leading off the path to Porto Timoni beaches which is signposted there. This is steep and rough and involves a scramble across boulders at the end of the beach.

Extension to Porto Timoni coves(should not be attempted by persons unsteady on their feet or wearing unsuitable footware)

The only way down to the twin bays of Porto Timoni is via a rough footpath, steep with a loose surface in places. The path lies just below (south side) the tavernas of Dionysos and Porto Timoni Cafe so customers there should ask directions from the staff.
The path actually begins nearer the village and hugs the southern side of the headland dropping slowly (mostly) down to sea level. Allow about 30 minutes down and a bit longer coming up plus of course the time you spend on the beaches or exploring. For full description and photographs see main Porto Timoni page.

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