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Leaving the village square in Afionas walk along the narrow road which you see on the right of the Church towards Dionysos Taverna. After passing a small cottage on your left TURN into a rough footpath which leads off to the LEFT (about 100 m from the village square).
This footpath then passes just below the tavernas across the short grass of this sun drenched headland. Map (opens pop-up window)

The views over Agios Georgios and the bay are fantastic as the path twists and turns between the rocks and thorn bushes.

path to Port Timoni
Showing approximate line of path to Porto Timoni

After about 20 - 30 minutes the twin inlets of Porto Timoni come into view below, separated by a narrow strip of land. It is said that the smaller bay on the bottom-left of the photograph was created (or at least enlarged) by an exploding 2nd World War mine which drifted onto these rocks.

Twin bays of Porto Timoni
Twin bays of Porto Timoni

Following a final scramble down the rough path the early morning walker can enjoy the peace and solitude of the lovely tiny sandy beaches and bays of the ancient Porto Timoni. The natural shelter that the sea inlet provided ensured its use by ancient sailing boats seeking refuge from storms.
(The dark object on the sand is an overnight camper still enjoying his sleep.)

Beach and sheltered bay at Porto Timoni
Beach solitude

The nearby islands can be clearly seen through the narrow entrance to the inlet, whilst the little bay on the left of the photograph ensured anchored boats could not be seen from the open sea.

Sheltered bay
Sheltered Bay

Leaving the beaches a narrow path climbs on up the next headland

Path to a surprise
Path to a surprise

Suddenly the target of the path becomes clear as a small "building " comes into view tucked into the rocky hillside.

Entrance to Tiny Chapel
Mysterious Edifice

The open door reveals a tiny chapel created in a cleft in the rocks.

Inside the Chapel
Interior of Chapel

The story is that many years ago a picture of Saint Stilianos was found on the hillside here. It was taken to the village square outside Saint Yiannis Church. After some days the picture disappeared and it was found back on the hillside at Porto Timoni. So the tiny chapel was built there.


You would expect that people who appreciate an idyllic remote cove like this would not desecrate it by discarding their rubbish aimlessly but it happens !

Please do not let this lovely place be spoilt by its growing popularity, particularly from rubbish left by thoughtless visitors. In some years bins are provided but due to obvious difficulties of emptying they become full and overflowing.
PLEASE HELP preserve this lovely place by simply TAKING BACK any empty drinks cans or food wrappings which YOUR PARTY take there.

Finally, when returning up the footpath take time to pick your route carefully as it is easy to choose the wrong way when going uphill.

On the return journey the views of the sheer cliffs which overlook Agios Georgios bay are more dramatic.

Cliffs at Afionas
Inhospitable Cliffs

On reaching the top a small diversion towards the far side of Dionysos Taverna will reveal the glorious views northwards across the islands.

Photograph of Seascape
Distant Islands

On a typical hot Corfu day the open doors of Dionysos Taverna or Porto Timoni Cafe Restaurant are now particularly welcome.

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