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Agios Georgios




Slightly undulating "there and back" walk using unsurfaced tracks along the edge of the beach and later through quiet olive groves. Nice colourful views of the sea through the trees.
Time needed: 1 and a half hours to 2 hours.

No liability will be accepted for the accuracy of these notes.This is a rural area and circumstances may change. Footpaths may become overgrown or otherwise difficult to negotiate and some new tracks into private fields may appear. (Advice of any changes will be welcomed.)

If walking during evening or calling at Fisherman's Cabin a torch is advisable for the return journey.

Map of Walk 2 at Agios Georgios

START: : Leave Agios Georgios from the end of the Pagi road near the Alkyon Beach Hotel walking south along the beachside track heading for the end of the visible part of Agios Georgios beach.

Photograph of track along beach

NOTE: Most years winter storms erode the track just past here and cause landslides which may make the track impassable in early May until the Council repair it, although it is usually possible for walkers to negotiate the damaged area.

You will pass several houses until eventually the track swings left away from the beach up a short hill (between the the 2 distant buildings on the photograph). To your right here is the entrance to another fish restaurant.

Go straight on, ignoring a wide track joining on your left, and enter a peaceful olive grove of mature trees which are a welcome relief from the heat of the sun on the hottest days.

Cool olive groves

Continue along this undulating track through the olive groves roughly parallel to the sea. You will see several hand painted signs to Fisherman's Cabin encouraging the faint hearted to continue.

Eventually the winding track arrives at the entrance notice board for Fisherman's Cabin, a unique fish restaurant. (Note: If intending to eat there, note that the Restaurant may not open until 2 p.m on weekdays (1.30 pm Saturday / Sunday) so check locally BEFORE you set out)

Photograph of Track in Olive Groves

RETURN by retracing your steps being careful to stay parallel to the sea and not to take one of the side tracks which you never noticed on the way there. (These are dead ends and whatever happens you should not get lost, only a bit more tired.)


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