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Once clear of the houses the stunning view over Agios Georgios Bay takes one's breath away.

Wide panorama from Dionysos Restaurant

Here we must find the time to sit on the terrace at Dionysos Restaurant and Taverna and take in the view over a drink or a meal. You will be made to feel very welcome and on a typical hot Corfu day I can recommend beer from the barrel, ice-cold and served in an ice-frosted glass.

Photograph from Afionas over Agios Georgios Bay
Time to Stare


Photograph from Afionas over Agios Georgios Bay
Time to Spare

No-one likes to hurry when visiting Dionysos. Choose a nice day if you can!
Just sit a while over a drink and absorb the stupendous view and lovely colours.

Spiros, Vasilis or any of the staff will willingly take your photographs if requested

Lunch with a view at Dionysos Restaurant

The large restaurant with its covered terrace make an excellent venue for meals throughout the day. At lunchtime you can marvel at the lovely turquoise blue clear water of Agios Georgios bay in front of you. In the evening the huge sky can be filled with the colours of a Corfu sunset.

There are some stunning aerial photographs of the Afionas peninsula in slideshow form .

Opening hours: 08.30 - 24.00

Tel. 26630 51311
Fax. 2663052051

There are also some Apartments for holidays and more details of these and the restaurant can be found on web-site Dionysos Restaurant

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