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A walk to the remote twin bays and headland of Port Timoni can be rewarding for those seeking solitude and unspoiled coastal scenery.

Twin bays of Porto Timoni

WARNING: The path is very rough, steep and narrow and passes between exceedingly thorny bushes. It should not undertaken by anyone unsteady on their feet.

If continual care is not taken it would be easy to sprain an ankle on the loose rocks and stones, or lose one's balance and possibly causing other serious injury. So walkers are advised to wear suitable footwear and leg covering clothes.


The sheltered natural inlet of Porto Timoni with its narrow entrance undoubtedly has a history of providing protection for ancient mariners from storms and pirates. Another smaller bay inside the inlet (off to the left on photo below) would ensure that an anchored ship was unseen from the open sea.

Timoni north inlet

It is said that the ruins of defences built by Pyrrhus of Epirus around 300 B.C. can be found but the writer saw no such remains. On the northwestern side of the headland excavations have uncovered a Neolithic settlement dating from around 3000 B.C .

Archeologists also discovered a traditional Greek stone supporting pillar but unfortunately this was broken during the war by a stray German bomb.

Photographs of lovely Porto Timoni and walk details