about Agios Georgios north, Corfu



There are a few modern houses now in Pagi, particularly on the hill leading to Prinilas, but many are old and reached by narrow passageways.

Some are tucked away in hidden neatly kept courtyards shaded by grapevines where photographers feel embarrassed to intrude on the residents' privacy

and outside staircases and balconies are the norm

It is believed that Pagi was first settled about 1500 by people from Crete and some descendants of those families still exist, Rouvas being one of the early names.

The oldest part of the village would seem to be the western half where there are a few old gateways with wonderfully carved decorations. These were the entrances to quite large houses maybe originally owned by rich merchants.

Surprisingly there are no really old houses surviving. Does the reason show in these 2 photographs ?


Really bad settlement shows in the displacement of masonry and large cracks, some right through the stone blocks. Was this due to some earthquake ? Maybe it was simply the result of poor foundations or poor construction ?

This old arched gateway which bears the date 1810 has survived intact. Look at the carefully carved decorations.

I wonder what is the story of this old neglected corner of Pagi !


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The old bakery in the centre of the village still baked the bread in a wood-fired oven until very recently.

No tasteless supermarket rolls or boring sliced brick loaves ever came out of this oven, just crusty delicious round family loaves baked by an old-established baker. The wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread used to fill the early morning air !

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