about Agios Georgios north, Corfu


Most visitors to the area only know Pagi as the village with the narrow road through which they must carefully drive every time they take the "main road" from Agios Georgios towards Corfu town.

Nestling on the side of a wooded valley this small hill village is set about 2 km from the sea.
The situation dates back to the time when pirates roamed the Mediterranean so for their protection the inhabitants built their houses away from the sea.
I am assured by local people that the name "PAGI" ( real spelling Pagoi), pronounced with the soft Greek "g" so it is almost Payee, means "Rocks" after the nearby dominating rock features. But others say the name is from the Greek word 'Pagos' ('ice') and is because of the icy cold waters of the village spring. Whichever is correct Pagi is an interesting old place and well worth a visit..

Narrow road through Pagi

Those prepared to pause a while will find a world so different from the busy flowing avenues of modern European cities.

I hope to encourage you to enjoy the real Corfu by finding time to wander into Pagi. Seek out the local businesses of this little village who miss most of the tourist trade which passes straight through in typical hurried fashion.

In the centre there are several cafe's to sit awhile. Sadly one traditional bakery, from which the delicious aroma of freshly baked loaves and bread rolls baked in wood-fired ovens filled the air in the early mornings, closed down a few years ago. One still remains from which the baker sets off in his van delivering to local hotels, restaurants, shops and houses.

The streets are narrow so park your car just on the edge of the village (Corfu town end) and walk back.

You can park your car on the roadside under the big trees opposite the old school or there is a small car park tucked down the little side road. Then walk along the main road for a coffee, frappe, cool drink or food at either Cafe Bar Spiros ( now '007 Cafe' ) or Romeos Cafe Bar (Hari's).

Also for those in self-catering accommodation there are a couple of small General shops nearby for grocery items etc. Holiday visitors love to call in 'The Village Shop' to find those more genuine Greek gift items to take home.

If you are staying in Agios Georgios why not catch the local bus at 10.30 a.m. (2017) (cost less than 3 Euros) to Pagi village centre and when you have completed your visit the 2 km walk back is all downhill.

Now look at a few small photographs around Pagi

Photographs of Pagi
(More photos in and around Pagi)

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