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Agios Georgios

(the original guide to Agios Georgios North, Corfu)

This is the original web-site about Agios Georgios north, although the actual text used on some pages has been copied by several other travel web-sites since its origins. It was made and is maintained by a regular visitor to Agios Georgios from UK. Call me Den !


The idea first took hold after a typical holiday many years ago when my wife and I had made some good friends among the local business people who were suffering from the fall-off in tourist numbers to Corfu due to the emergence of new cheap holiday destinations all over the world. At that time the British travel agents seemed to know very little about the resort and it seemed such a shame that in this beautiful area many apartments were empty for much of the season.
With so much accommodation empty it is obvious that the trade of other businesses: the tavernas, restaurants, shops, etc was also suffering.

In those earlier days of the Internet there was literally nothing about Agios Georgios available on-line. I had a few photographs and signed up for a 3month course of evening classes on web-page design, choosing this resort as my training subject, naturally !

As you can tell it is an amateur site and is kept simple. Hopefully the content will make up for what is lacking in quality and modern design features.
It does however use some Javascript, particularly with images and links. If you have trouble you probably have Javascript disabled in your Browser. To enable Javascript go to this Google page for instructions.

Aim of web-site

The web-site is aimed at attracting new visitors to Agios Georgios and the nearby resorts. It also aims to help those who have already chosen the resort and would appreciate more information to get the most out of their few days holiday.

I have tried to cover typical holiday questions but other pages have been made about topics which I know interest some visitors. Some pages have been prompted by regular questions either by email or online Forums.

Staying in a popular hotel with a chatty bar atmosphere helps me to do this. As a visitor myself I see the resort from a visitor's point-of-view rather than that of a resident used to the area. One local person looking at my nature pages said "I have lived here all my life and drive or walk past that spot almost every day but have never noticed that !"

Many Internet Travel Guides now have pages about Agios Georgios (some even have correct photographs and details). BEWARE ! Some have not even visited the resort and give wrong facts and photographs. Some copy MY descriptions and photographs !

Site visitors should bear in mind that this is not intended to be an official guide and there will be some things you think are missing.
For instance I do not generally comment on tavernas or restaurants as people have different opinions and experiences. Instead I provide a plan showing the position of these facilities.
I do NOT provide an accommodation service nor a full list of apartments and studios as I would need to be resident to do this properly. Instead I mention only a few self-catering premises in which I or close friends have stayed in and can speak about from actual experiences.


In view of the limitations of my short visits I really do appreciate any comments, information, or photographs etc provided by other visitors. The site is intended for you and YOU can help me make it better. Just email me using the link provided on every page.

For example recently I added some 'Nature' pages, knowing that a small proportion of visitors enjoy the wild flowers, birds, butterflies etc. My brief visits are a problem but this is the Internet with its superb communication facilities so YOU can help me and help others enjoy their holiday by posting your observations on the special Notebook provided there.


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