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A lovely circular walk using both surfaced roads and unsurfaced tracks to the village of Pagi and returning via pleasant little used roads through fields and quiet olive groves. The return half from Pagi takes you through really delightful countryside of hills and hidden lush valleys.

Time needed: 3 hours to 4 hours depending on stops.

(Suggestion for the less fit walkers: Catch the local bus at 10.15 a.m. as far as Pagi village. The rest of the walk is all downhill or level !!)

Descending into valley

No liability will be accepted for the accuracy of these notes.This is a rural area and circumstances may change. Footpaths may become overgrown or otherwise difficult to negotiate and some new tracks into private fields may appear. (Advice of any changes will be welcomed.)

Map of Walk 4 at Agios Georgios
Broken line shows alternative return for shorter walk

OUTWARD: Leave Agios Georgios from the Alkyon Beach Hotel walking inland along the main road to Pagi.
The road to Pagi is all uphill and fully surfaced. It is a pleasant walk quite sheltered from the hot sun by the olive trees, but beware of traffic.

You will pass several houses and apartments until eventually the road swings right to reveal a huge chasm on your left (used as a rubbish tip).

Distant view of Pagi village
Distant view of Pagi village across chasm

Passing this and an olive press you then enter the hill village of Pagi.

At the first junction you can either go straight on then right, or turn right and then left. Both bring you to the centre where you will find some welcoming refreshments at the cafes.
Suggestion : Pick up a snack and drink to take with you at either Spiros Bar or Romeos Cafe.

There are several alternative return routes. The route I have chosen, the longest, passes through through lovely little hidden valleys.
(If the weather has been wet and there is a good chance of excessive water in the streams go to bottom of page for the shorter alternative.)
Walk on along the main road through Pagi until you see a road slanting off to the left before some large trees (almost opposite the school).

Cool olive groves

Take this and follow it downhill past a number of houses before it leaves the built up area.
It now becomes a unsurfaced track dropping downhill through tall olive trees. While still descending this unmade track look out for a short concreted area where you must turn LEFT at a junction (photo below)

Cool olive groves

The track seems to drop ever downwards into the lush valley well away from the noises of the populated world. It continues to wind its way through very pleasant undulating countryside with lovely views.

Photograph of Track in Olive Groves

Occasionally you must pause a while and look back at the cliffs of Pagi behind you.

Photograph of Track in Olive Groves
Looking back

After about 1.5 kms your track drops down to a creek where there might be a problem as there is a ford but no bridge. The creek-bed is now wide concrete with a few loose stepping stones. Assuming the weather has been dry for a period it is easy to step across the few inches of stream (if more water you might have to walk in the water if necessary). You might manage to see turtles or colourful delicate damsel flies over the stream.

If it is not passable you must return the same way to Pagi, but you will have still enjoyed a lovely walk.

After crossing the creek turn left in 50m onto a surfaced road. This road is a no-through road only serving the fields so you will meet very few vehicles or people.

Photograph of Track in Olive Groves

This very quiet road meanders its way through pleasant cultivated fields past several small farms.

Along this road nature lovers will enjoy the numerous wild flowers plus the sounds and sights of birds in the many large trees, including nightingales. Early season walkers should look out for glimpses of beautiful Golden Orioles shyly swooping between the trees.

After about 1 km keep left where another road (from Aspiotades) joins from the right.

Road from Aspiotades joins at extreme right of photograph.

On this part of the walk the greenness for which the Corfu countryside is outstanding amongst the Mediterranean islands is at its best from the many broadleaved trees.
A road from Dafni will soon join from the right, opposite some new houses, but your route is straight ahead.

Continue on this surfaced road for another 1 km and then follow the road to the left around a small farm just before some apartments, ignoring the rough unsurfaced road straight ahead. You now cross the creek again over a good bridge and stay on this road past a number of houses and apartments until you reach the main Pagi road.

If going to Theo's Hotel turn left, but if returning to the beach area of Agios Georgios turn right which takes you past, (or into), Angelos Taverna, the Moonlight Restaurant and Butterfly Bar.


For a shorter return route leave Pagi by retracing your steps in the direction of Agios Georgios beach and walk down the hill past the chasm referred to on the outward route. Immediately after the first house on your right after the chasm take an unmade track along the edge of its garden, which leads down hill through olive groves and fields to the creek which is crossed by a low bridge. If you are extremely cautious approaching the bridge you may see some turtles sitting out of the water.

Turn left just after this onto the surfaced road and follow it back to Agios Georgios as mentioned above.

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