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Agios Georgios


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with wonderful views of the bay and beyond.

View at top of kalderimi

Where you will be heading !
No liability will be accepted for the accuracy of these notes.This is a rural area and circumstances may change. Footpaths may become overgrown or otherwise difficult to negotiate and some new tracks into private fields may appear. (Advice of any changes will be welcomed.)

This magnificent walk is now one of the highlights of the Corfu Trail long-distance footpath.

It is a quite tough "there and back" walk using unsurfaced tracks and a rough loose-surfaced old donkey trail.
The first part is fairly level through quiet olive groves, parallel to the sea,
but the second half of the outward journey is an uphill walk.

You will need to carry drinks in hot weather as this walk is in remote countryside .

NOTE: Angelokastro fortress is closed on Mondays (at the TOP of the steps !)

Time needed at least 5 hours plus any breaks.
(For the longer Variations allow a full day )

WARNING ! Please note that beach flip-flops or sandals are NOT advisable for this walk due to the unstable surface on the cliff path and remote situation.
For the same reason the walk is not considered suitable for anyone unsteady on their feet.

Also please read later WARNING below before setting off on this walk.

Map of Walk 3 at Agios Georgios

Dotted line shows Variation 2 route to return to Agios Georgios


The first part of this walk is the same as Walk 2 to Fisherman's Cabin.

Leave Agios Georgios (white spot on map) from the end of the Pagi road near the Alkyon Beach Hotel walking south along the beachside track heading for the end of the visible part of Agios Georgios beach.

You will pass several houses until eventually the track swings left away from the beach up a short hill. To your right is the entrance to a fish restaurant.

Ignore a track joining on your left and enter a peaceful olive grove of mature trees which are a welcome relief from the heat of the sun on the hottest days. There are a few short steep hills but overall the track is fairly level at this stage. Enjoy the views of the turquoise sea through the trees.

Track through Olive Groves and sea views

Continue along this undulating trackstaying roughly parallel to the sea. You will see several hand painted signs to Fisherman's Cabin encouraging the faint hearted to continue.

Eventually the winding track arrives at the entrance notice board for Fisherman's Cabin but you continue on along the track.

It soon begins to climb as it winds its way towards the cliffs of the rocky headland you see ahead. Emerging from the olive groves at a T- junction turn LEFT away from the sea up a concrete surfaced road.

Soon after this you should see a small pile of stones marking a rough footpath on your right. TAKE THIS FOOTPATH. (see photo below)

Entrance to kalderimi (left) and rock fall (right)

Just inside the kalderimi you will walk past some fallen rocks (several years ago) so just walk round, but take care 100 metres later.


The kalderimi is generally quite wide, possibly 2.5 metres, and has a low safety wall. However about 100 metres from the bottom, part of the wall and path surface over a length of about 15 metres has collapsed down the cliff. There is usually plenty of room (about 1.5 metres) to pass safely but the very edge should be avoided due to a very dangerous small overhang in one place. Of course children (and drunks) should be extremely vigilant as should sufferers from vertigo.

Photo shows collapsed edge of path and verge to avoid. NOTE: In late 2016 there are some scaffolding poles erected as a temporary barrier here.

Click for larger image

(N.B If by any chance the path is closed because of further damage, walkers will have to abort this intended walk to Makrades. You may wish to continue up the concrete road to the hill villages of Prinillas and Pagi, then turning left to return to Agios Georgios.)

The cliff path now zig-zags its way steadily, but not too steeply, uphill, the views becoming more amazing as you go, presenting continual photography opportunities.

Photograph from top of Donkey Trail
Top of Donkey Trail

As you reach the top the path swings left through a gap between the rocks and the view has gone.

Continue along a wide stony unsurfaced track towards the village of Makrades with its tourists' gift shops.
As you enter the village there is a junction on your left which goes through into the narrow, scenic streets of the old village, whilst the right-hand option leads to the main tourist shops and cafes.

Variation 1.For a delightful variation of the walk you can make a loop by looking out for a narrow and very old footpath on your right about 1 km along this wide track. This ancient footpath takes you through pleasant countryside and olive groves.

Link to larger photograph Link to larger photograph Link to larger photograph

to the quiet village of Krini. On arriving at the square in the centre of the village

Link to larger photograph

turn left down the hill into nearby Makrades. However if you wish to take the opportunity to visit the nearby ruins of the castle of Angelokastro, (allow at least a good hour) perched magnificently high on a pinnacle overlooking the beautiful vista of Paleokastritsa's bays, you should turn right in Krini for about 0.75 km.

Visit Angelokastro
(There is a link to come back to this place)


For the normal return look for (or ask) a small road alongside one of the main road gift shops. It is close to the start of the road to Krini and Angelokastro, so make sure not to take the wrong one! 100 metres along this road take the track on your left which leads to the cliff path you came up.

In about 1km the track from Krini village joins on the left, which you will ignore.

Of course walkers coming direct from Krini will now be joining the main route here.

Proceed along the wide but unsurfaced track for about 1 km until the view over Agios Georgios comes into sight. Now just follow the old donkey trail down.

Descending the Donkey Trail

Remember to take care when passing the subsidence near the bottom of the cliff path. Turn left at the bottom and remember to turn RIGHT after descending the concrete road for a few hundred metres as you enter the olive groves. For a while the track descends until it reaches Fisherman's Cabin where it levels out. Be careful to stay parallel to the sea and not to take one of the side tracks which you never noticed on the way there. (These do not go through so you have to return, but whatever happens you should not get lost, only a bit more tired.)

Variation 2. The really keen walkers may wish to make a circular trip by turning LEFT at the main road in Makrades and proceeding up the hill towards Vistonas. After climbing though a series of zig zag bends look out for a road junction on the left, which you should take. After about 1 Km the road goes over the highest point to reveal magnificent views over Agios Georgios Bay and the whole of north west Corfu with Albania visible in the distance

Photograph over Agios Georgios bay
View over Agios Georgios Bay

Continue down the tarmac road, ignoring an unsurfaced track which joins on the left. You will pass through the little village of Prinilas. Leaving Prinilas you can just continue down the winding road to Pagi. Alternatively you can take an old footpath which starts immediately after the cemetary on your right on the first corner out of Prinilas. This footpath is rather rough and steep in places and unsuitable for those unsteady on their feet.

On reaching Pagi stop in the village centre for welcome refreshments at a cafe or turn left for the downhill walk back to Agios Georgios about 2 Kms away.


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