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Welcome to our greeting Card facility.
We hope you enjoy it.


Hotel Guests may send from here an Internet Greeting Card to someone as a reminder of good times spent with us. Other site visitors are also invited to use this free facility.

The card facility is hosted on another specialist web site and we would offer these words of advice when setting up your card.

The few instructions are fairly easy to follow but the following extra notes may be of help.

  • First you will be invited to select a photograph or cartoon from a short selection.
  • Now fill in the names and email addresses.
  • Then you can write your own Heading, (i.e. Merry Christmas) and the Message to the recipient.

Other Options:
At the next step remember that "Background Image" sets the Page background not the Card. If you wish the card to be a different colour to the page on which it is viewed then an image must be selected. There is a choice of several backgrounds.

The Card colour is set by the "Background Colour" for which there is also a choice provided.
The colour choices tend to be on the dark side but a few lighter ones are provided.

Remember you can make and remake changes up until you click on the "Send" button.

Some playing around with different colour matching may be necessary.

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