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Having left Makrades in a few hundred metres you come to the old village of Krini with its small attractive square.

Centre of Krini village
Krini Plateia (Square)

Follow the road ahead of you and in about 1 km the impressive old castle comes into view. The road now goes steeply downhill. At the bottom there is limited parking and a modern restaurant.

The Castle

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For many centuries Angelokastro was an important strategic fortification to protect Corfu commanding, as it does, a view of almost the entire southern Adriatic. According to the notice board on display it was probably first occupied in the early Byzantine period (5th - 7th Centuries).

The castle enjoyed considerable prominence during the period of Venetian rule (1386 - 1797).

Later it fell into disuse and during the 19th Century it was in a totally abandoned state. It was restored to its present condition in 1999.

It is protected on 3 sides by the sea, the west and south sides being 300 metre precipitous cliffs. The only access is by a narrow land bridge and a steep climb up winding steps. At the highest point is The Citadel with its main gate at the north protected by a circular tower. The ruins opposite the main gate were the garrison's quarters, and 3 underground cisterns kept the castle supplied with water. The walls' battlements only survive today in the north-west corner. At the highest point of The Citadel stands the little Church of the Archangel Michael, which was built on the site of what was probably an early Christian 3-aisled church. Several nearby graves were carved out of solid rock. The wall paintings are relatively modern dating from the 18th Century.

Unfortunately there is little left of the fortifications etc suitable for photography and the following photographs concentrate on the scenery from this magnificent viewpoint.

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There is a pleasant Cafe / Restaurant at the base of the steps with excellent views.

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OPENING: Check locally before going. It is believed it is closed on Mondays. There is now small charge (not known) for entry.