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(Routes from Agios Georgios)


A lovely place to visit for outstanding views is the ancient ruin of Angelokastro perched high on a rock overlooking the sea and the beautiful bays of Paleokastritsa.

Easily reached by car from Agios Georgios by either of 2 routes, both by driving through Pagi village.

Opening hours are 8.30 to 15.00 but it is closed all day on Mondays.


(This first route produces some truly magnificent views over the bay of Agios Georgios.)
On entering the village of Pagi turn right at the 2nd junction (signposted Prinillas).
Go up the steep hill through several hairpin bends and proceed straight through the sleepy little village of Prinillas. The road which is well surfaced climbs steadily through more hairpin bends. There is only one junction where you might go wrong. At one of the bends ignore the junction on the right which would lead you downhill, and keep going uphill.

The superb views unroll as you climb with the best as might be expected being right at the top.

The road now turns inland past an uncompleted building shell and in about 1km or so joins Route 2 at a T-junction where you turn right.

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The alternative is to continue straight through Pagi as if heading for Corfu Town. After joining the main road and climbing the twisty hill to the top of Troumbetas Pass look for a junction on the RIGHT amongst the few buildings there. It is easily missed and it is not easy to turn round on the main road !

Having left the main road you now drive along the top of the narrow range of hills with fantastic views in places both north to Sidari and far beyond, and more extensively to the south over the vast expanses of central Corfu to Corfu Town itself. Sometimes, unfortunately, the blue haze of summer sunny weather puts a limit on one of those the panoramic photographs of a lifetime ! Just after the village of Vistonas the alternative Route 1 joins this road.(Proceed to "Both Routes")


Now the road leads down through several wide hairpin bends into the village of Makrades which has developed into a bit of a tourist trap due to its being on a wonderful scenic route into the jewel of a resort called Paleokastritsa.

As you enter Makrades beware of enthusiastic shop-keepers leaping out from the sides of the road to wave you down, almost as if there was something wrong with your car, or there had been an accident. They are merely trying to sell something, often home made wine, honey etc. It is suggested you drive carefully around them and wave politely. If you stop you will find the car door opened and a foot inside !
The 2 or 3 gift shops in the village are worth a few minutes browsing and are quite interesting, although on the expensive side.
If such tourist shops do not interest you leave your car and walk into the old village (parallel to the main road) and enjoy a quiet drink in an old taverna.
The old fortress of Angelokastro is now a short distance away. If you wish to visit the superb viewpoint of Angelokasto (a fairly steep walk is involved up a long winding trail of steps) turn right (coming from Vistonas) in the centre of Makrades towards Krini and the signposted monument.
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